Candles & Fragrances


Frette's home fragrance collection is designed to impart an inviting ambience of contentment and pleasure to your living space. Choose from luxury scented candles, elegant room diffusers, fresh linen sprays, and delicately scented detergents.

Our inviting selection of luxury scented candles and fragrances will add to the feeling of joy and contentment in your bedroom, or spread those feelings throughout your home with their delicate scents. Our richly scented candles are made of beeswax that has been carefully poured into porcelain or glass holders; they are stunning to behold and evocative of fresh summer breezes and exotic saffron blossoms. You'll also find beautiful candles poured into glass that has been carefully wrapped in real leather, offering a truly refined display.

In addition to luxury scented candles, bring welcoming fragrance to any room with our attractive diffusers, which share many of the same aromas. Freshly scented laundry detergents are carefully formulated to gently clean cashmeres and delicates. Linen spray sets and renewable drawer discs in lavender, talc, or rose can be used in wardrobes or dresser drawers to subtly fragrance your linens and clothing, giving them a fresh, pleasing scent. Take those inviting scents anywhere with our sophisticated fragrance sprays in marine, rose, and tuberose.