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We sat down with interior designer, Hassan Arji, to discover the inspiration behind his passion for interior design and get his take on important style elements.

A bedroom designed by Hassan Arji

A bathroom designed by Hassan Arji


What inspired your passion for interior design?

My father established ARJITEC in 1979. Since I was young, my father taught me about design and architecture and nurtured my fascination and passion in these areas.

Who are your (design) mentors (if any)?

My father established the company over 38 years ago. I remember my father taking me on site visits to his projects, and allowing me to wear an adult hard hat when I was only 6 years old.
When my father worked from his home office, I remember spending a lot of time with him and learning how to draw. From an early age, it was very clear to me that I could only become an architect.

What art field are you most interested in?

Since I come from a multicultural background, I am passionate about fine oriental metal handcraft art. You will always find a metal handcraft masterpiece in all of my projects.

Details of bedroom Details of bathroom Details of bath room Details of kitchen

Details of a bedroom suite designed by Hassan Arji

“Frette makes my interiors looks super elegant and gives my clients a sense of belonging in an exclusive and luxurious world.”

From your experience, what is the best decorating advice you can offer someone?

The best advice is to not get lost in design magazines or trying to stick to what is trendy. Your design must reflect your personality.

Describe Frette in three words.

There is a feeling of refinement, elegance, and exclusivity that can only be reached through a strong heritage that Frette linens exclusively offer.
For me, as a designer, using Frette products is the same as a haute couture designer dressing a bride, and trying to make her look elegant and exceptional. Frette makes my interiors looks super elegant and gives my clients a sense of belonging in an exclusive and luxurious world.

What's your Frette Masterpiece? (Your favourite Frette piece)

It's a sentimental gift. A Hotel Classic bed linen set that Frette offered me after my first luxury project more than 10 years ago, and I still sleep on it...

Where do you find your inspiration?

I dream of my projects! I am serious, I have dreamt most of my best projects. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to record my dreams.

What is your favorite book, magazine, or site on design?

I don't have a favorite design book. I love design books that talk about the origin of design. It's interesting to discover how a chair or a lamp becomes an iconic, timeless masterpiece.

What is on your nightstand?

A vintage notebook to write down my dreams and a luscious green plant offering a burst of color on rainy days.

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