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First built in 1967, The Surf Lodge has become an international, much sought-after destination for local and international travelers looking for the perfect place for relaxing, wellness, sunshine, surfing, fishing, exceptional dining and unparalleled majestic sunsets. Known for its raw untouched coastline and as the ultimate summer surf and family destination, The Surf Lodge is the perfect place to call home. During the long summer days when the area is thriving with local fishermen, artists, travelers and surfers, The Surf Lodge creates a resting ground to find calm within a sense of community.
With its timeless character and true bohemian sophistication, The Surf Lodge has paid meticulous attention to every detail, presenting an ambience that parallels the easy, dream-like quality of Montauk and its locals.

The Surf Lodge

The bar at The Surf Lodge

JAYMA CARDOSO Owner of The Surf Lodge

Jayma Cardoso

Owner of The Surf Lodge

What was your design inspiration for The Surf Lodge?

I really wanted the hotel to embrace its surroundings and the nature of Montauk, and at the same time pay homage to the surfing lifestyle of travel and exploration. Surfers in pursuit of waves really were bohemian, gypsies... they’d bring back the experiences and culture they traveled to. The Surf Lodge is a balance of exploring different cultures and being rooted in Montauk.

What is unique about your property?

I think that the property is in Montauk. People travel to a destination first, they resonate and decide upon accommodations, I believe by the properties/hotels ability to reflect the character and nature of the location they’ve travelled to. There are so many elements about the property that are unique, but not one of them can compare to the sunset that rests upon Fort Pond Bay…I can honestly say it’s magical.

What was important about having Frette in your property?

I really believe in creating experiences for guests. This is at every level. Especially, towels... After a day at the beach, there is something nice about popping out of a shower and wrapping up in a Frette towel. You definitely feel pampered. I feel the best option is walking out onto your deck, climbing in your hammock, and letting Frette cuddle you as you slowly rock yourself dry.

The Surf Lodge guest rooms The Surf Lodge guest rooms The Surf Lodge guest rooms

The Surf Lodge guest rooms

"[Luxury is] collecting experiences in new, beautiful places while having every detail taken care of. And of course, ending the day in my Frette sheets!"

How does the Frette product add to the design of the hotel?

Experience, experience, experience. I imagine a lot of our guests might have Frette towels, so it’s nice to have some of the comforts of home. But, hopefully it’s an introduction to something beautiful for guests… the wonder and sensation of a towel that cuddles you dry.

What are the most important decorative elements in your home?

I just redesigned my home, and for me it’s the gathering areas of the home. I’m Brazilian, we love food and gather with family and friends around meals. So, in many ways the dining room and kitchen are my most important rooms. For both rooms, I think lighting is a very important decorative element. In my case, Diptyque candles on my dining room table, the lighting and aroma makes the room that more inviting.

What are your three most important elements when designing a room?

Solitude, you’re bedroom is a place to recharge, I think in many ways a bedroom should feel like a cocoon, a place where you rest and re-emerge as something more beautiful each time you come out.
Lighting, a bedroom needs to adapt and feel like twilight to encourage peaceful slumber, and, yet be warm and invigorating in mornings to energize you for the day ahead.
Indulgence, this is your bedroom it should hold something that you love that makes you feel wonderful and special. My bathtub is prominently on display in my bedroom, it doesn’t hide in the bathroom, it is a centrepiece, that I indulge in before going to bed at night, and yes, you guessed it, after climbing out of my tub, I wrap up in a Frette towel before sliding under my sheets.

What does it feel like to wrap yourself in Frette?

I think it feels like being babied. Just held softly and cuddled as a baby should. It’s nice to be a big baby.

How do you define luxury?

Anything that makes you feel special, unique and aglow. Really, my family and friends are my greatest luxury, but I’m thankful for the other indulgences that I’m fortunate enough to have earned in my life. But, I think it’s important that people realize how many luxuries we do have that aren’t in magazines or that we aspire to own. Look around you there are many small luxuries that we all should be thankful for.

If you only have 72 hours in Montauk what would you recommend doing or seeing?

If you can, I love Montauk during the week. The weekends are so much fun, but it’s wonderful to see Montauk when it’s a little bit quieter. I think the perfect 72 hours, starts on a Monday, when the town is a lot more still. Possibly getting a beach basket and stopping by Jonie’s and loading up on tasty snacks for the beach. Staying on the beach as long as you can, if you don’t have anywhere to go, watch and enjoy beach life as much as possible. That means playing in the waves, taking a nap, at least one long walk, finding something beautiful that has washed ashore. Taking a nap on the hammock outside on your deck overlooking Fort Pond at The Surf Lodge. I’d grab one of the hotel’s bikes and ride into town and get an ice cream at The Gig Shack. Exploring the Bay side and the wonderful parks of Montauk. I love the beach, but there is so much nature in Montauk, don’t forget to see what other treasures it holds. Discovering some of the surrounding hamlets, Amagansett and East Hampton have shopping and great farmer markets. Nancy Atlas, performs on Wednesday nights, and I can’t express enough how well Nancy and Sunsets of Fort Pond Bay go together. After the sun has set, I think it’s time for a bottle of Rose and looking at the restaurants Chalk Board to see what special’s Chef Rendell has cooked up… and then just enjoying the stars on the back deck with friend. Hard to beat.

What's your favorite restaurant in Montauk?

Dave’s Grill, dinner is a time for family and friends. So, if I'm not making something on my own, I like going to places that I know a lot of love is going into the preparation and Dave's Grill is one of my favorite spots for feeling the love. Both David and Julie are so welcoming and warm that it feels like a family dinner, except nobody in my family cooks as well as David. I'm currently addicted to the Crispy Seven Vegetable Spring Rolls, so delicious!!!

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