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Stationed in the midst of Savannah just steps away from the iconic Forsyth Park, Perry Lane Hotel invites guests to come and immerse themselves in all that is Savannah. The luxury hotel's location and exclusive access invites guests to join the soiree, slide into the crowd and experience Savannah as they please.
Perry Lane Hotel boasts 167 refreshingly elegant guest rooms, including 12 luxurious suites. Three lively food and beverage venues create a thriving social atmosphere, while its expansive art collection, event space and ever-changing calendar of local on- and off-property programming add up to a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Perry Lane Hotel is everything one would expect from a Luxury Collection property, but full of unexpected moments that create wonder and delight.

JOHN KULLY Managing Partner and Owner of Perry Lane Hotel

John Kully

Managing Partner Flank and Owner of Perry Lane Hotel

Tell us about the design of Perry Lane Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Savannah.

Perry Lane Hotel is a study of contrasts. It is at once worldly and local, historic but fresh, old and new. The art is elevated, yet playful and, at times, a little rebellious. Perry Lane Hotel is everything one would expect from a Luxury Collection property, but full of unexpected moments that create wonder and delight. It is the culmination of Southern culture, style, and hospitality.
We looked at project locations throughout the South East before becoming enchanted with Savannah. While the history and beauty compelled us, it was ultimately the people and the hospitality that convinced us to deliver the asset Savannah deserves. We wanted to capture the essence of Savannah and bring it to life in every aspect of our design. Our inviting lobby is a nod to the grand parlours of some of the great manor homes of the south and the cornerstone of entertaining.
There is a true sense of arrival that is not pretentious, but warm and familiar, like being welcomed home. The overall concept is very residential in feel and we hope that awakens a sense of belonging even for first-time visitors.

What are three fun facts about the property that many are surprised to learn?

1. 1/5 of the art collection is local, including the vibrant murals featured throughout the property
2. The hotel appears to be two separate towers, but there is a full build-out beneath Perry Street that connects the property
3. It is built on the site of the first Catholic Church in Georgia and sits adjacent to the Colonial Park Cemetery and the dueling ground

What touches do you believe make a room or suite feel like someone’s home-away-from-home?

The rooms were designed to make you feel like you are coming home. They have a texture to them that you don’t find in many properties. The combination of warm and rich paint colors, soft and feminine furniture accents and the unique artwork and collectables in each room bring the personality of Perry Lane Hotel to life.
A collection of found objects has been curated over a number a years from local and regional antique stores and markets to give the hotel and each room a real sense of place. For example, in one room you may find an old dance card from the University of Georgia, while in another room its an antique finger bowl reminiscent of a pattern collected and handed down through your own family. With the Perry Lane Hotel, it is all about the details.

Walk us through your ideal stay at Perry Lane Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Savannah.

My ideal stay at Perry Lane Hotel starts with an early morning run. Perry Lane Hotel is located on the border of the residential quarter of Savannah’s historic district and within perfect walking (or running) distance to Forsyth Park. After my run, I would grab my complimentary Bowerbird coffee from the Emporium Market housed at the hotel and a breakfast pastry made fresh everyday by our in house pastry chef. Then I would head over to browse through Andie Kully boutique, maybe pick up some gifts to bring home or a pair of shades or a bathing suit for myself.
Since I’m on Savannah time and relaxing to slower pace, I’d grab a picnic basket from the Emporium Kitchen & Wine market expertly packed with all the necessary accoutrements including a crisp bottle of Sancerre. With my Perry Lane bike, I would venture out to one of Savannah verdant squares for a picnic lunch and catch up on some reading from a book from the lending library.
After that I’d head back to Perry Lane Hotel for an afternoon nap, because, let’s be honest, nothing says relaxation more than a great afternoon nap in some cool, crisp Frette sheets.
To wake up, I’d head up to the roof for a swim at the Peregrin Pool and a snack before switching into evening gear. The sunset at Peregrin is not to be missed with panoramic views of the Savannah skyline and the intense colors of a sultry southern sunset. It is a great local gathering spot, so I would linger and catch up on the latest Savannah happenings before heading to dinner at Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market. I would finish my night at The Wayward with a bourbon cocktail, some revelry and maybe even a heated match of Golden Tee in the arcade.

"A collection of found objects has been curated over a number a years from local and regional antique stores and markets to give the hotel and each room a real sense of place."

“There is a true sense of arrival that is not pretentious, but warm and familiar, like being welcomed home.”

What is your greatest indulgence at a hotel when you travel?

My greatest indulgence is a mid-day nap. There is something refreshing about stepping away from your everyday life if even for 30 minutes, and just letting go.

Can you share your go-to in-room dining order?

The Emporium Kitchen & Wine market has an exceptional pastry chef in-house. Every Friday, she makes sticky bunssants. Only one batch is made and when they are gone, they are gone. Insanely good.

What is the most unique experience the hotel has put together for a guest?

I would answer this from a different perspective, and use my own experience when I first brought my own family to stay at Perry Lane Hotel. Everything was anticipated and taken care of. We arrived to dark chocolate, champagne, snacks and stuffed animals—my wife, children and I were all sated. My children participated in an artist studio session at the Jepson Museum and created sculptures that we display in our home in New York. We had a beautiful boat ride through the low country and marshes with gorgeous views and stretches of uninhabited beaches as far as the eye could see. At every turn, we were engaged and immersed in everything that makes Savannah so special.

If you only had 24 hours in Savannah, where would you visit?

The absolute best way to see the City is by getting lost in it. Savannah has amazing scale. It is very walkable and you are bound to discover hidden gems each time you venture out. Observing the live oaks, Spanish moss, the chorus of cicadas, the architecture, the artful entry ways and stoops – just taking in the rhythm of City will quickly pass the day away. I always tell friends to visit the SCAD Museum, Telfiar Museums, Collins Quarter and Pinkie Masters.

What do you believe is the greatest hidden gem in Savannah?

Savannah is famous for its history and its renowned City Plan, but what I find most fascinating about Savannah is the people. Savannah has a long history as a Port City and that gives it a very worldly feel. Combine that with the presence of the Savannah College of Art and Design and its more than 10,000 students and you get a very eclectic and interesting mix of people. Artists, writers, actors, scholars, rabble rousers, travellers all intertwine to weave a very edgy vibe that contrasts what many would expect from a quintessentially southern town.

In your opinion, why is late summer or early fall a great time of year to visit Savannah?

The social swirl in Savannah during the early fall creates such a fun and playful energy that can be felt throughout the entire City. Maybe it’s the hint of cooler temperatures or the packed calendar that includes great events such as the Savannah Film Festival or Picnic in the Park. The streets are buzzing, restaurants and cafes are bustling and it just feels like the right place to be.

Why do you travel?

I think we all travel to expand our horizons. Being immersed in a different place forces one to observe and learn, to grow and to change. I travel to stay learned, engaged and curious.

How do you define luxury?

Luxury to me is more about the experience and the emotion it evokes. It’s the feeling of being taken care of, pampered in a way that makes you feel like everything is going your way.
True luxury arouses all of your senses and awakens you to the present – to a feeling that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and all is well. Luxury is bliss.

What does it feel like to wrap yourself in Frette?

There is nothing more indulgent than tucking into a freshly-made bed with sumptuous Frette sheets. It’s like a cool breeze on a sultry summer night, a familiar embrace, a seductive whisper that convinces you to let it all go and give in to the allure of a dream.

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